Swine Nutrition Solutions

NutriQuest® Nutrition Solutions is a team of leading swine professionals with extensive experience in nutrition and production. The NutriQuest Nutrition Solutions team provides custom nutrition programs for sows, nursery, and finishing pigs by formulating on a best cost approach versus least cost or best performance. At NutriQuest we help producers own their nutrition program and understand their opportunities in shifting market conditions.

NutriQuest Nutrition Solutions nutritionists are trusted advisors that provide input and experience in all aspects of swine production and management. Our nutritionists work as a part of your team to understand your operating conditions and offer flexibility in services to best serve your operation.

How we work together

  • Utilize by-product ingredients to accurately determine their value and controlling the risks associated with their use.
  • Formulate on the most current requirement information available for specific genetic maternal and sire lines.
  • Evaluate nutritional technologies that can improve performance or lower cost with an unbiased approach to product use.
  • Flexibility in services provided and fee structure.

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    Meet the Nutritionists

    Dustin Dean, Ph.D.

    Senior Nutritionist

    • 17+ years in swine nutrition and production
    • Extensive background in by-product valuation and feed application
    • Enjoys teaching producers about their nutrition program and how to leverage opportunities in the ingredient markets
    • Passionate about improving swine production at all stages
    • Collaborates across a variety of industry suppliers to leverage the most successful technologies

    Nick Shelton, Ph.D.

    Swine Nutritionist

    • 9+ years in swine nutrition and background
    • Strong background in formulation optimization and economic modeling to drive decision making with producers
    • Enjoys collaborating with producers to help empower them with knowledge to help make nutritional and production decisions about their business
    • Diverse career experience in feed applications with by-products and co-products
    • Dedicated to creating customized nutritional programs that optimize the economics and performance for each customer