Euthanex® AgPro

NutriQuest® has partnered with the Euthanex Corporation to create the ultimate humane animal euthanasia solution.  Co-developer Euthanex Corporation brings a tenured history of providing advanced euthanasia equipment to many of the top animal research facilities in the country.

The Euthanex® AgPro™, AgPro 255, AgPro Layer Cart, and AgPro Hatchery System, all incorporating SMARTBOX technology, represent the most advanced humane CO2 systems for treating pigs and poultry.  This technology humanely, safely, and economically addresses an industry-wide issue of increased scrutiny and is the most worker-friendly method of humane euthanasia in the marketplace.

Euthanex® AgPro™, AgPro 255™ Training Videos

Euthanex AgPro overview video

Euthanex AgPro Turkey overview video

Euthanex AgPro Chicks overview video

Euthanex AgPro overview video Pig English

Euthanex AgPro overview video Pig Español