Dairy Nutrition Solutions

The NutriQuest® Dairy Nutrition team is driven to understand the needs of dairy producers which guides their nutritional recommendations that result in healthy productive cows. The consultants work independent of feed mills and ingredient suppliers allowing them to source feeds that are competitively priced and blended correctly. This is achieved by using products and technologies that are backed by trusted research, science, and current nutrition philosophy proven to provide consistent and reliable results.

The NutriQuest Dairy Team is committed to serving the dairy industry and delivering their customers’ consistent results with a high return.


Stay on the front end of science driving current dairy nutrition concepts and incorporate them into nutrition programs on farm.


  • Collaboration between NutriQuest Dairy Consulting team members to draw on the experience of the entire team to create opportunities for dairy producers.
  • Work with leading experts in academia and allied industry to add value and knowledge pertinent to on farm issues.
  • Interact regularly with stakeholders responsible for executing farm-specific nutritional strategies.
  • Facilitate discussions among these stakeholders including; feed manufacturers, barn managers, feeders & veterinarians.

Understand each dairy individually

  • Management
  • Labor
  • Cows
  • Facilities
  • Forages
  • Continuous monitoring of ingredient variation (Forages and Commodities)
  • Consistent on-farm presence
  • Routine record analysis
    • Health
    • Reproduction
    • Milk production
    • Feed inventory and quality

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    Meet the Nutrition Consultants

    Mason Amundson, MS

    • 8+ years of dairy nutrition experience
    • Enjoys learning the details on farm which impact the success of the nutritional program and tailoring it to match capabilities to reach goals
    • Enjoys teaching farm team members about their nutritional programs
    • Utilizes a team approach on farm which includes all team members

    Jeff Rortvedt (PAS)

    • 35+ years of dairy nutrition experience
    • Enjoys helping customers create consistent on farm protocols to create accountability
    • Detail oriented
    • Stays on top of advances in nutritional models to explain on farm results and drive nutritional decisions

    Amanda Staudinger

    • 7+ years of dairy nutrition experience
    • Specializes in the evaluation of transition cow programs
    • Develops and monitors heifer programs that make successful cows
    • Facilitating discussion among all team members on farm that contribute to nutrition success
    • Experience with Automated Milking Systems

    Eric Staudinger

    • 15+ years of dairy nutrition experience
    • Focuses on customizing nutrition programs to match dairy producer business plans
    • Excited to be involved in changing industry and help dairy producers take advantage of new technology
    • Utilizes a variety of metrics to evaluate nutritional success