Feeding Profitable and Sustainable Business Growth is our Passion

Beyond animal health, nutrition, and feed manufacturing services, NutriQuest® Business Solutions offers livestock and grain producers a wealth of expertise, both financial and agricultural. We don’t merely serve the agriculture industry, we are from it. We help producers realize improved profitability and sustainability, using proven operational and financial tools customized to each business. Our overriding principles are Leadership, Objectivity, and Discipline, coupled with a relentless passion to help your business succeed.


Can’t afford a full-time CFO, and can’t afford to run your business without one?

NutriQuest Consulting CFO Services builds tailored solutions matched to your growing business needs. We keep it simple with insights focused on achieving your financial goals. We can provide you with full-fledged executive leadership and at a fraction of the expense of a full-time executive.


It’s easier to listen to business and financial consultants when they back up their advice with unparalleled livestock, row crop, and financial experience.

The NutriQuest Business Solutions team understands the unique needs of its various audiences.

To lenders, we deliver stability, predictability, forward-looking planning, competitive edge, and transparency.

Producers and CEOs expect the same, as well as risk management, a business focal point, disciplined progress measurement, affordable capital, satisfied stakeholders, and a variety of specific services to achieve them, such as:
• Modeling and reporting tools
• Business analytics


Relevant experience matters. NutriQuest has both an intimate understanding of livestock production enterprises and a solid track record of successful M&A and distressed business restructuring engagements.

In leadership roles, NutriQuest has represented both buyers and sellers in assessing business valuation and in achieving the purchase or sale of their livestock production business or components thereof. Our experience in the swine production industry, in particular, is unparalleled in terms of breadth of service and the number of transactions we have been involved in, given our expertise and connectedness with the major players in the industry.

The business risk associated with livestock production and increasingly volatile business cycles creates periodic financial stress on even the most well-managed companies in this sector. We have competently provided interim leadership for Dairy and Swine production enterprises and have represented both livestock enterprises and financial institutions through the assessment, restructuring, and turnaround of distressed businesses. Here again, our experience is unparalleled in the swine and dairy sectors, in particular, where we have been instrumental in steering businesses through recovery and sustained success, measured by the long-term survival or successful sale of several business enterprises.


Our unmatched experience in the livestock industry has led to our frequent engagement as an expert witness in disputes and legal cases involving livestock production enterprises.  We have served as an expert witness involving valuation, contract disputes, assessment of damages and lost profits, and similar engagements to help bring resolution and a positive outcome in situations of dispute.  Not only do our experts provide subject matter expertise in the livestock industry, but we bring credibility and effective communication skills to help in achieving satisfactory resolution of disputes.

When it’s Time to Feed Your Financial Operation

Contact the business solutions experts with a passion for livestock and row crop financial success, and the tools and expertise to make it happen for you.

Steve Weiss

NutriQuest Founder and President

• Leading financial and livestock expert
• Manager, Deloitte
• Founder, Roth & Company, P.C.
• Founder and CFO, Iowa Select Farms
• Consulting, restructuring, M&A services

Casey Westphalen

Managing Director of Business Solutions

• 25+ years in financial leadership
• CEO of large pork producer
• CFO/Board Member of a large-scale dairy, farming entities
• M&A, Restructuring, Expert Witness Leadership and Succession Planning

Jennifer Brown

Director of Business Solutions

• CFO and Controller
• CPA, Ernst & Young
• 15-plus years in livestock production financial leadership
• Financial reporting, budgeting, cash flow, company alignment and team motivation

Kevin Christensen

Consulting CFO

• CFO and Controller with nearly 20 years
of experience
• Certified Management Accountant
• Focus on ag cooperatives, manufacturing
companies, and livestock producers
• Financial planning, reporting and operational
analysis, financial and information systems

Dennis Nuetzman

Consulting CFO

• 25+ years in livestock production financial
leadership roles
• Director of Finance & Accounting, Murphy
Brown LLC Western Operations (330K
sows / 8 states)
• Strategic analysis, benchmarking, financial
planning, reporting and analysis
• M&A leadership, Information Systems

Katie Weiss

Consulting CFO

• Audit Manager, Mergers and Acquisitions,
Moss Adams CPA firm
• Short- and long-term financials creation, assistance and management
• Animal agriculture, swine production specialties

Chad Vogelbacher

Consulting CFO

• 19 years CFO and Controller
• 28 years in livestock production financial reporting and management
• Business planning and strategy

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