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What We Do

NutriQuest® improves the way animal producers succeed and flourish by delivering breakthrough solutions that are built on our trusting personal relationships.

With a customer base of over 4 million sows in the U.S. and growth in the U.S. poultry and ruminant sectors and internationally, the NutriQuest portfolio of solutions includes research-based feed additives, probiotics, protein technologies, nutritional quality and value monitoring services, water quality products, and humane euthanasia technology, among others that improve production performance and provide best cost to the producer.

Our industry-leading animal nutrition and production experts scrutinize products and technologies to ensure that all NutriQuest solutions meet or exceed rigorous standards for efficacy, return on investment and practicality.

NutriQuest has an unending commitment to put the interest of its customers and the animal production industries ahead of everything else.


Customer servant

We are servants to livestock and poultry producers with a principle goal of improving their competitive position and prosperity.


We apply objectivity, strict rigor and thoroughness in our approach to evaluating what products and services provide best value to our customers.


We foster an environment of integrity and mutual respect that offers an opportunity for growth and fulfillment in an entrepreneurial culture.


We are committed to finding practical solutions to difficult problems by working hard, thinking “outside the box” and not giving up.


We collaborate to multiply each other’s potential and are committed to building and sustaining relationships that are fair and mutually beneficial.


We hold ourselves to high standards and strive to deliver the best work we can.

Research Capabilities

NutriQuest® is dedicated to research that delivers innovative solutions that provide a consistent and reliable result for producers and their operations. We are passionate about understanding the needs of our customers and providing research-proven products that are applicable in everyday production.


Our Capabilities

– NutriQuest Sow Research Center

  • 2,800 head research-equipped commercial sow farm

– NutriQuest Nursery Research Center

  • 2,600 head research-equipped commercial nursery

– NutriQuest Ran Finisher Research Center

  • 2,600 head research-equipped commercial wean-finish facility

– NutriQuest Modeling Research Center

– NutriQuest Poultry Research Center

-Industry partnered and university swine facilities

– Industry partnered and university dairy facilities

– Industry partnered and university poultry trial facilities

As an independent leader in the animal nutrition and health industries, NutriQuest realizes that now – more than ever – precise and cutting edge technology is needed for continued production improvements.

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