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The NutriQuest® Business Solutions team is comprised of three leading financial and business experts that bring years of unparalleled experience in the livestock, grain, poultry and financial industries. Our team focuses on the specific needs of your business to offer expertise in consulting with livestock and grain producers in the areas of strategic planning, financial restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, financial planning, management information systems, risk management and benchmarking.


Surrogate CFO Solutions:

The NutriQuest team focuses on the specific needs of your business, offering the expertise of a CFO to the extent that it is needed, with a two-fold goal of (1) improving the profitability and sustainability of your business while (2) developing internal systems and processes which are self-sustaining and internal to your business.


Business Restructuring and M&A Solutions:

The NutriQuest team has served in leadership roles in major financial restructurings and M&A deals in the swine, beef and dairy industries.

Our financial restructuring expertise is enhanced by the unique operational areas of expertise of the NutriQuest team, which has allowed us to uncover significant profitability/cash flow improvements in the operations of customers we have served in this capacity, often meaning the difference between business survival and failure. We also possess the expertise to evaluate and position a company for sale and we have extensive relationships with strategic buyers in the marketplace.

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For more information about our financial consulting capabilities, please contact:
Jennifer Brown, Director of NutriQuest Business Solutions


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