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Dutrion™ System Installation

Step 1 Information and Tools You Need

Step 2 Water Meter Sizing

Step 3 Barrel Drum and Dutrion Package Sizing

Step 4 Pump Sizing

Step 5 Plumbing Location and Other Tips

Step 6 Setting the Barrel Tank

Step 7 Installing the Barrel Tank

Step 8 Plumbing the Pump

Step 9 Wiring the Pump

Step 10 Checking the System

Step 11 A Last Bit of Advice

Your Pump Repair Kit

If the Water Meter is Not Working

Understanding the Pump

If Not Using as Much Product as Usual

Maintenance 30 day Activities

Maintenance 12 month Activities

If the Pump Won't Prime

Checking Filter, Injection Point, Diaphram

How to Test the Water

Mixing Dutrion

Maintenance 6 month Activities

Maintenance 2 Year Activities

For more information on Dutrion, please visit http://nutriquest.com/dutrion/.

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