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Tailored water treatment systems featuring chlorine dioxide.

Dutrion™ offers superior growth performance and better health through improved drinking water quality at a low cost and high return.

The Forgotten Nutrient: Water

Water is the first essential nutrient and animals typically consume twice as much water as feed. Improved water quality often increases water and feed intake, aiding in the foundation of animal performance.

NutriQuest® works with both large and small production systems to incorporate effective, tailored chlorine dioxide solutions utilizing low cost, simple equipment that is designed for safe and worker friendly use.
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Dutrion™ System Installation

Step 1 Information and Tools You Need

Step 2 Water Meter Sizing

Step 3 Barrel Drum and Dutrion Package Sizing

Step 4 Pump Sizing

Step 5 Plumbing Location and Other Tips

Step 6 Setting the Barrel Tank

Step 7 Installing the Barrel Tank

Step 8 Plumbing the Pump

Step 9 Wiring the Pump

Step 10 Checking the System

Step 11 A Last Bit of Advice

How the Pump Works

Understanding the pump


If the Pump Won’t Prime

If the Water Meter is Not Working

If Not Using as Much Product as Usual


30 day

12 month

2 year

Water Testing

How to Test the Water

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