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Who We Are

NutriQuest®, founded in 2007, is a team of industry-leading animal experts serving producers by delivering targeted breakthrough solutions.

The NutriQuest team has a passion for understanding producer’s needs. That passion is combined with an unending curiosity and drive to develop innovative products and services. A high dedication to research and long term relationships give customers confidence they are provided a high value from their NutriQuest products or services.

At NutriQuest we feel privileged to have a leadership role in the animal industry and have a strong sense of stewardship for animal production. Through collaboration with industry participants, technology providers and customers, NutriQuest is continually working on behalf of animal producers to fill critical needs and provide a high level of value.

About Us

NutriQuest® is a privately-owned company. President and Founder, Steve Weiss, leads our worldwide team of industry-leading animal experts. Every member of the NutriQuest team is committed to delivering targeted breakthrough solutions to animal producers via nutritional and non-nutritional products, services, and technologies, all while providing an unwavering commitment to the producer.

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